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Keeping your oral health in good shape for the course of your life involves many different components. While an important first step is brushing and flossing your teeth every day, we encourage you also to attend regular dental exams and cleanings every six months at NOLA Dental Studio. Your routine dental exams include an oral cancer screening to catch any developing symptoms of oral cancer early.

Each routine dental checkup with Dr. Rebecca Blum and our team involves a thorough dental cleaning procedure to polish the teeth and remove plaque and bacteria before our dentist examines your mouth for any potential oral conditions such as signs of tooth decay or gum disease. If a problem area is detected, she present you with your options for treatment.

Following the completion of the checkup, our dentist will then perform an oral cancer screening to detect any developing signs of oral cancer. This process involves thoroughly inspecting the neck, throat, face, and tongue in case any of these areas have developed swelling or irregular coloring. We encourage you to notify our dentist and team of any concerns or risk factors for oral cancer that you are experiencing.

Our dentist can refer you to a specialist if she is concerned about the results of your exam and believes you should seek further treatment. Early detection of oral or pharyngeal cancer can be the key to conservative and successful recovery.

If you suspect you may have developed oral cancer and are interested in seeking treatment for oral cancer in Kenner, Louisiana, please call NOLA Dental Studio at 504-667-5909 as soon as possible.