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Many patients assume that only people “of a certain age” need to wear dentures, but the truth is that dentures can benefit anyone who has lost a tooth for any reason. It’s not uncommon for younger patients to suffer oral trauma or accidents and lose teeth as a result. Certain medical conditions, tooth decay, or gum disease can also result in tooth loss. However, there is no need to live with empty spaces in your smile.

If you have lost teeth and are considering receiving dentures, we would be pleased to tell you more about these dental appliances. Dentures are a fairly quick and cost-effective method of replacing lost teeth. After Dr. Rebecca Blum has screened your smile and alleviated any existing dental problems, we will create an impression of your smile so that your new dentures can be custom crafted.

Once you begin wearing your dentures, you may need some time to adjust to them, as they may feel bulky and strange for a short while. You may find that your mouth produces additional saliva for some time, which is normal. However, notify NOLA Dental Studio if you experience persistent pressure or pain since this means your dentures may need to be adjusted. We may schedule you to visit our office again in a few weeks to have your dentures relined to ensure they are completely comfortable.

It may be a challenge to speak and eat for a while, especially if you have had tooth loss for a long time. Cutting your food into smaller bites or long strips can help you chew better while you get used to using your dentures. If you struggled with a certain pronunciation, practice speaking or reading aloud.

While dentures will not be quite like your natural teeth, they still require care, such as being very gently scrubbed with soap or a denture toothpaste. We advise you to not use regular toothpaste or else the abrasives may damage your dentures. Also, be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush or brush made for dentures to remove bacteria and plaque. Be sure to submerge your dentures in a soaking solution at night to help them maintain their shape.

If you have suffered tooth loss, we invite you to contact NOLA Dental Studio at 504-667-5909 today and arrange a time to speak with our dentist about custom-made dentures in Kenner, Louisiana.